We use computer controlled traction to relieve compression of nerves, reduce herniated or bulging disks and radiating pain. This also reduces numbness and tingling in the arm and legs.



We offer a wide range of Physiotherapy techniques to aid in the healing of you injuries and the reduction of your pain. 

     Ultrasound: High frequency sound wave to increase circulation, break apart scar tissue and                                  ease your muscle/joint pain.

     Electric Muscle Stimulation: We use electricity to relax muscle spasm, cramps and trigger

                           points. EMS can also be used for reduction of pain, swelling, poor circulation

                           and overall muscle stiffness.

Massage Therapy

Our talented massage therapists will reduce muscle tension, decrease pain and swelling using various forms of massage therapy. We offer Swedish Massage, Deep-tissue, Trigger-point Therapy and Pregnancy Massage. 

Chiropractic Adjusting

When the spine has misaligned segments, or subluxations, it will put pressure on nerves, increase wear and tear on joint which will lead to degeneration and pain. With gentle pressure and specific direction, Dr. Zelinsky will re-align the vertebrae, and help to alleviate pain, muscle tension and nerve impingement. 

Our Services

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Ionic Foot Detoxification

We use the EB PRO energy balancing system to safely and effectively remove toxins from your body. At the same time, the machine balances the flow of energy throughout your body to increase metabolic rate, decrease inflammation and give a better overall feeling of wellness. Remember...your body is a bio-ELECTRIC organism...why treat it with pure energy!